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    Bot tag for Robo Kiss?

    2015年7月16日 by JoshuaJSlone


    您好。在英文维基我们正在谈论使用机器人来建立物品之间的中介环节上的不同维基在适当情况下。这是我对已经与维基僵尸我的账户Robo Kiss的另一家做的,所以它应该是一个相当容易的事情使用相同的工具,机器人在这里做也一样。这是更好地做这些事情与标记为机器人,它必须要在每个维基的基础上进行的帐户,所以我提出这个问题,在所有连接的中介任天堂维基我知道存在。没有人有任何异议或疑问?

    Original English:

    Hello. At the English wiki we are talking about using a bot to set up interlanguage links between articles on the different wikis where appropriate. This is something I already do for another family of wikis with my bot account Robo Kiss, so it should be a pretty easy matter to use the same bot tools to do the same here too. It's better to do these things with accounts marked as bot, which has to be done on a per-wiki basis, so I'm bringing this up at all the connected interlanguage Nintendo wikis I know to exist. Does anyone have ‧‧‧

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