The Zirconium Rotor is a ship part found in Pikmin. It is one of the vital parts of the S.S. Dolphin and Captain Olimar is unable to leave the planet without it.

How to Get

The Zirconium Rotor is found in The Distant Spring behind a wall that needs to be brocken with Bomb Rocks. Once the wall is down, the only obstacles left are two Yellow Wollywog guarding the part.


Discovery Notes

"It's my Zirconium Rotor! This is made from rust-proof zirconium, which is particularly suited to making spaceship parts. I had to pay a lot extra to have this installed, and I suspect the mechanic overcharged me."

Ship Log

"Made of rust-proof zirconium, it is as shiny as new, despite being left out in this planet's harsh elements."

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