​Zihark ​is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He was a citizen of Daein during The Mad King's War. He was first encountered as a recruitable enemy in Path of Radiance, and later returned in Chapter 1-5 of Radiant Dawn, fighting against the Begnion Occupational Army.


Not much is known of Zihark's past, other than that he was born in Daein, and that he eventually fell in love with a laguz of the beast tribe, despite his homeland's prejudice towards the laguz. However, their relationship did not last, as the stress of being in a forbidden relationship proved too much for her (she was killed in the Japanese version). Despite the premature ending of their relationship, Zihark felt no desire to enter another relationship, and spent his time as a travelling mercenary to aid other Laguz. Zihark was previously assumed by many to be Branded, as that would explain his attachment to Laguz. It is revealed in a battle conversation with Izuka, as well as many supports, that Zihark's attachment with laguz is attributed solely to his past relationship.

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

Zihark first met the Greil Mercenaries while they were trying to board Nasir's ship. Daein troops had blocked the harbor, and Zihark joined the fight along with a small group of vigilantes. Shortly before the battle, he had a conversation with the vigilante leader to determine if any Laguz were fighting with the Greil Mercenaries. When he saw Lethe and Mordecai, he talked to them and joined the Mercenaries, Ike deeming him to be trustworthy despite having "personal reasons he would not like to share" (this being his past relationship with a Laguz).

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

After the events of Path of Radiance, Zihark traveled to Daein. In Daein, he joined with Tauroneo and Jill to fight for the restoration of Daein. He is first seen helping Tauroneo and Jill protect the place where Prince Pelleas was hiding. He then joined the Daein Liberation Army along with them. After the Liberation of Daein, he stayed in Daein, helping with the reconstruction.

When the Daein Army goes to fight against the Laguz Alliance, Zihark is at a loss. He wants to fight for his country, but he does not want to fight against the Laguz. He can be recruited to the Laguz Alliance by Mordecai or Lethe. He can also be recruited by Ilyana and Brom if they had an A support in Path of Radiance.

After the last battle, he travels Tellius as a mercenary resolving Beorc-Laguz disputes. It is said that he settled in Gallia. If he talked with either Lethe or Mordecai in the chapter "A Reason to Fight", he would join the enemy team.

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