Zethia is a character in Dragalia Lost. Her element is light and wields a staff.

Official Description

The twin sister of Euden, and one of the few maidens of the Church. Quick to cry as a child, she became more stoic after the passing of her mother. She's now a strong-willed young woman who cherishes her older brother.

Physical Appearance

Zethia has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a tiara and has white ribbons her hair. She has white scarf with stars and wears a blue dress. she is barefoot and her ankles has a blue anklet on the right and gold anklet on the left.


  • There is data in-game to suggest that two versions of Zethia are intended to be playable at some point. The first, her normal variant, is a Five Star Light Staff unit. The second, based on her Empress form and referred to as "Other Zethia", is a Dark Staff unit.
    • It should be noted that both versions appear during the tutorial, and that this data could be related to that.
  • She is an AI controlled ally in chapter 1. After the chapter, she leaves the party.
  • There is another Zethia who is called Zena.
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