Those are quotes said by Zant from the Zelda series.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

  • Did you honestly mean to take an ancient and withered power like this and turn it against me?'
  • You are a foolish traitor, Midna.
  • Why do you defy your king?
  • How dare you?! Are you implying that my power is... our old magic?
  • Now THAT is a joke!
  • This power is granted to me by my god! It is the magic of the King of Twilight, and you WILL respect it!
  • My Midna... Did you forget? That beast is one of the light dwellers who oppressed our people!
  • And that, Midna, is why.... I need you.
  • So be it! I will return you to the light world you covet.

Hyrule Warriors

  • "Bow to Zant, your true king!"
  • "The darkness consumes all."
  • "Someday I may fall, but it shall not be to you."
  • "All fools end up meeting a pitiful end..."
  • "Opposing me is a foolish thing indeed!"
  • "Ow! Ouchies!"
  • "You have guts to dare to face me..."
  • "I'll show you why I should never be ridiculed!"
  • "You were strong... but it turns out I was far stronger!"
  • "I only succeed... because my master wills it!"
  • "This keep now lies in darkness..."
  • "I'll take this for my own, thank you!"
  • "There is no such thing as failure for me."
  • "I am indeed a powerful force to witness!"
  • "I desired this keep, and now it is mine! Let that be a lesson to you all!"
  • "Midna, your magic is NOTHING compared to mine!"
  • "What?! You! How could you possibly conjure up victory from nothing?!"
  • "The time is nigh... Demolish the bridges! Cut them off from their base!"
  • "This party isn't truly under way until I have arrived!"
  • "Monsters? In prison? Perhaps they could be persuaded to serve Lord Ganondorf..."
  • "Now THIS is the power of a god!"
  • "You... worthless... wretches... I am the Twilight King! I will not be mocked by yooooooooou!"
  • "I'll squeeze the life out of my enemy!"
  • "I'll lead you myself if I have to! Charge! Your king will show you how it's done!"
  • "How did they manage to pull Argorok down to their level?!"
  • "There is no such thing as failure for me."
  • "Who do you think I am?! You won't live long enough to regret your words!"
  • "A great king NEVER accepts defeat!"
  • "Soon the whole world will once again be engulfed in Twilight. And I welcome it!"
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