Zan Partizanne also known as the Lightning General is the leader of the Jambastion Mages who landed on Planet Popstar in search for the Jamba Hearts. She is part of a group of four mages led by Hyness that have for goal the resurrection of Void Termina, an ancient being revered as a god by the mages. Her associated element is lightning.


Star Allies pause screen (First fight)

"The dutiful leader of the three Jambastion mages. Lightning General Zan Partizanne seems to energise the fortress itself and uses high-speed attacks to render her prey helpless. At the bidding of some unknown power, she hunts for dark hearts..."

Star Allies pause screen (second fight)

"Zan Partizanne swore an oath of loyalty to Hyness-even though he has yet to remember her overly long name! Her respect for Hyness never falters, thanks to his intoxicating charisma and her deep sense of duty (and despite her poor treatment of her). "

Star Allies pause screen (The Ultimate Choice)

"In spite of all, cold as ice! In spite of all, hard as stone!
In spite of all, it would seem...
in spite of all, we're but a dream.
Hear our plea, you must! (You must!)
Please return our hearts to us! "


Kirby meet her for the first time inside the Jambastion where she is fought has the boss of the area. She mention their allegiance to Hyness and challenge Kirby. After her defeat, she destroy the core of the Jambastion and flee as it begins to collapse on Kirby. When Kirby arrives to Hyness' altar, she challenge him and his friends to protect Hyness. Once she is defeated, she weakly call to Hyness before collapsing and is then thrown out of the way by Hyness.

During his fight against Hyness, Kirby knocks off his hood, which enrage the mage who summons the three generals and absorb most of their life force to restore his health. After his defeat, Hyness sacrifice the three generals and himself to complete the ritual and bring back Void Termina. During the second phase of the fight against Void Termina, the four mages can be seen inside cocoons and once Kirby destroyed the outer shell of the core she is ejected along with Kirby and the three other mages.


  • A "partisan" is a type of throwing spear that is used in England by the Royal Guards. She uses the same kind of weapon in battle.
  • Zan Partizanne's Thunder Drums are based off of the drums of the Japanese Thunder God, Raijin.
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