Yun is a character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Street Fighter III: New Generation. He is an energetic skateboarder from Hong Kong, skilled in the art of Chinese Kung Fu, and the older twin brother to Yang.


Yun is the more energetic and extroverted of the Lee Brothers, compared to Yang; he is more playful, upbeat, and easygoing, and while confident, he is not as cocky or sharp-mouthed as his younger brother, though he isn't above cracking jokes at the expense of anyone he defeats. He is also said to be impulsive, but out of the two, Yun is said to be a born leader. Like Yang, he is also a movie enthusiast; when Yun encounters Fei Long in Super Street Fighter IV, Yun asks in his win quote whether he is "the real Fei Long" and then plans to tell Yang about meeting him.

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