Yukimura is a playable character in Fire Emblem Fates on the Birthright ​path.


According to Yukimura's supports with the male Avatar, he reveals that he was once disciple to both his father and the late King Sumeragi. Admitting that he was once reckless in the strategies that he crafted in his youth, Yukimura was once inclined to achieve victory at all costs, even if a tremendous number of lives are lost in the process. Following a lecture by Sumeragi himself and learning of the late king's valiant sacrifice of his life in exchange for the Avatar's, Yukimura began to reform the way he formulates strategies, seeking to achieve victory with minimal loss of lives on both sides.

Yukimura's supports with the female Avatar reveal certain memories that he has retained of the brief amount of time that they had spent in Hoshido prior to being kidnapped. For one, Yukimura reveals that Sumeragi and Mikoto, aware of his craftsmanship skills, had requested him to craft a moving-picture box of the Avatar's childhood.

According to Shura, it was Yukimura who came up with the plan to kidnap Azura following the Avatar's abduction from Hoshido.

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