Yuffie Kisaragi is an optional playable character in Final Fantasy VII. She is a Thief and a Ninja, wielding a large shuriken.


Yuffie is a Materia hunter met briefly in various forests on the Planet. As a rebellious and cocky tomboy, she desires to restore her homeland Wutai to the glorious nation it was before it was conquered by the Shinra Electric Power Company. Despite her sometimes obnoxious personality, Yuffie is friendly, helpful, optimistic and helps the party in their battles.

Yuffie is one of two optional characters the other being Vincent Valentine. As such, she has almost no impact on the game's main storyline, but there are some changes made to certain scenes if she is recruited. She can join after being discovered in various forests after the events at the Mythril Mine, encountered as the Mystery Ninja. She wields shurikens in battle for ranged attacks, and her Limits usually involve her hitting multiple enemies at once.

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