Yoshiyuki Oyama is a character and art designer who works for Nintendo, mostly on the Zelda and Wii Fit franchises. Some of his initial creations include Mikau and Gabora in Majora's Mask, Professor E. Gadd and some of the ghosts in Luigi's Mansion, and Salvatore in Wind Waker. He also worked in the mini-game mode of Pokémon Stadium 2.

He was put in charge of enemy design in Twilight Princess, where he designed creatures like the Bulblins and King Bulblin. He later took the role of art director on Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus, and later was in charge of effect design on Skyward Sword. He was also the senior lead artist on characters and items in Breath of the Wild.


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  • Professor E. Gadd, one of the characters he designed, is known as "Professor Oyama" in Japanese as a reference to him.
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