Artwork of Kirby's Dream Course, one of Haruhana's first works at Nintendo.

Yoshiki Haruhana is a graphic designer working at Nintendo, mostly known for designing various characters in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and being the main responsible of the "Toon" aesthetic in The Wind Waker.


Haruhana joined Nintendo in 1994. Initially, he worked as an illustrator and received training by Yoichi Kotabe. He made illustrations for Kirby's Dream Course and Yoshi's Island. He eventually became involved in game design since Super Mario 64, where he was in charge of map design, as well as Star Fox 64, where he worked on UI and demo design.

His debut in The Legend of Zelda series was in Ocarina of Time, where he mainly designed models for main characters like Princess Zelda, as well as the Skulltula and Lizalfos enemies. In The Wind Waker he created Toon Link, which settled the artistic direction of that game.

He was also the design director of Mario Kart DS and the Wii Shop Channel. Currently he has a mostly supportive role on various games, mostly on the portable Zelda games.


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