Yoshikazu Yamashita
Yoshikazu Yamashita-0
Company Nintendo EPD
Current Position Senior Director
First game Mario Artist: Talent Studio
Latest game Super Mario Maker

Yoshikazu Yamashita is a senior director at Nintendo mostly known for his work on the Wii Sports series, where he has usually worked with Takayuki Shimamura.


Yamashita started working as a programmer on Nintendo EAD in the late Nintendo 64 era on projects like Mario Artist: Talent Studio. Eventually he made his way to director with Wii Sports, where he was in charge of the baseball and boxing games.

He also directed the Check Mii Out Channel, and codirected Wii Sports Resort and Nintendo Land (where he also was involved in Pikmin Adventure and the Miiverse aspects of the game), and participated on other titles like Super Mario Maker.

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