Yoshi's Universal Gravitation(JP) (known as Yoshi Topsy-Turvy in North America) is a game for the Game Boy Advance that uses tilt sensitive controls, along with the standard d-pad and buttons. The game uses similar technology to WarioWare: Twisted! and Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble. The game was poorly received by critics.


The plot and graphics are the same as Yoshi's Story. When Bowser starts wreaking havoc on Yoshi's Island, a book spirit named Hongo traps the entire island within the pages of a storybook. Only by locking Bowser away Yoshi can convince Hongo to release the rest of the island, so he sets out to progress through the chapters of the book.

Each course is controlled by a spirit, each with an obsession — one loves money, one loves fast things, one loves friendliness, one loves strength, etc. They will set out guidelines for the course, such as collecting fruit to free a certain number of Egglings, finishing a course before time runs out, finding a certain number of coins or defeating — or not defeating — a certain number of enemies. By satisfying that spirit's requirements, players pass the course.

Yoshi can jump and stick out his tongue to eat fruit or enemies, but the main feature of the game is the tilt mechanism. An impassable wall will become a climbable slope, or a rolled-up carpet will become a long platform. Each environment requires players to master not only button presses but also tilt movements to progress.


By tilting the console, the environment around Yoshi is rotated to knock over enemies, swing pendulums, bounce items all over the place, and to help Yoshi run up walls and leap huge pits. All of Yoshi’s Island is trapped in a storybook, and only by meeting certain chapter-specific challenges can a chapter be completed.


  • This is Yoshi's final appearance in a GBA game.

See also

  • Yoshi's Story (tech demo) - An unreleased Game Boy Advance tech demo. It featured similar graphics, but was not developed by Artoon.
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