Yoshi Falls is a course appearing in the Mario Kart series.


Mario Kart DS

Yoshi Falls first appeared in Mario Kart DS for the Nintendo DS as the second race in the Mushroom Cup.

It is a small course that circles around a giant Yoshi Egg (a similarly large Yoshi Egg that also appeared in the Nintendo 64 iteration of the Mario Kart series, Mario Kart 64). The stage was among the twenty courses that could be played over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, and was popular among those who wanted a short race.

The missions 1-3 and 3-4 take place in this course. First has Yoshi as a playable character needing to destroy ten Item Boxes with Mushrooms in it, while the other has Peach as the playable character where she needs to win against Yoshi in a race.

Mario Kart Wii

MKW Yoshi Falls

Yoshi Falls later appeared in the Wii video game Mario Kart Wii being the second race in the Shell Cup in the game.

The course design was almost identical to the Nintendo DS version, yet with enhanced graphics. Unlike Mario Kart DS, all of the stages in Mario Kart Wii could be played online, Yoshi Falls included.

A competition in July 2009 took place in this area where mushrooms from Mushroom Gorge were needed to be used as alternate routes in the course. The competition only allowed the Wii Wheel as the controller.

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