Yoshi (JP) (also known as Mario & Yoshi in PAL regions and in Japan as Yoshi no Tamago (ヨッシーのたまご, lit. "Yoshi's Egg") is a game for the NES and Game Boy that stars Yoshi, Mario, and Luigi. The player controls Mario or Luigi as they try to eliminate certain blocks by lining them up with each other. The game was the first to introduce the green dinosaur Yoshi, who has established himself as a common, popular sidekick of Mario ever since.

The game had since been reproduced on Virtual Console for three future-gen consoles in a row, and has even found its way into Nintendo Switch Online service when it was launched in September 2018. This is part of Nintendo's recent initiative of keeping a backlog of old Nintendo Entertainment System games for customers to play on the Switch and explore the early 1990s nostalgia.




  • Goombas - The popular Mushroom-shaped enemies from Super Mario Bros.
  • Piranha Plants - Originally from Super Mario Bros.
  • Blooper - Originally from Super Mario Bros.
  • Boo - Originally from Super Mario Bros. 3.




In 2007, Yoshi was released on the Wii's Virtual Console. Yoshi was mentioned in Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Chronicle.

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