Yoshi's Safari (JP) is a game that was released on the SNES and used the Super Scope light gun accessory to shoot enemies down. Though the game wasn't very popular, it featured many notable elements. For example, this was the first game to feature the name Princess Peach, or Peach in America, getting rid of Princess Toadstool, albeit only temporarily until Super Mario 64 later reintroduced it and popularized it and helped make it the current universal standard, slowly phasing out the Toadstool moniker in the process.

It was also the last game to feature the Super Scope. Contrary to popular belief, it wasn't the last game to feature all seven of the Koopalings until Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga which came out on the Game Boy Advance. That honor goes to Hotel Mario for Philips CD-i.



The game starred Mario and Yoshi as they go to help Peach's friends Prince Pine and King Fret get there 12 jewels back from Bowser, whom also kidnapped them both. In the game, Mario would ride atop Yoshi, and would use a super scope to shoot down enemies while Yoshi would just keep walking.

At the end of each world, you would fight one of the seven Koopa Kids, and other types of bosses such as a Magikoopa and a Chargin Chuck.



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