Yo-kai Watch Blasters (Yo-kai Watch Busters in Japan) is a multiplayer action spin-off to the popular Yo-kai Watch series that is an expansion of a side mode in Yo-kai Watch. It was released in two versions, Red Cat Corps and White Dog Squad, with a so-called third version being available as a free update for the games


The game is an expanded version of the Oni-Busters mode from Yo-kai Watch, but with a larger mission structure and expanded features like online play. Up to 4 players team up to to fight many Yo-kai, usually leading to a boss fight.

Moon Rabbit Crew update

Localization changes

As the game is heavily inspired by the Ghostbusters franchise, many changes had to be made to avoid copyright issues like the name change from Busters to Blasters. One notable change was the big boss version of Whisper turning from a Stay-Puft inspired design to a more generic monstrous version.


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