Yo-kai Watch 3 is a role-playing game for the Nintendo 3DS developed by Level-5 and published by Nintendo. Is the third main installment in the Yo-Kai Watch series.


This is a role-playing game where the player searches for youkai in a town. You can befriend these monsters giving them food that they like.


In Yo-kai Watch 3, you play as Nathan Adams, a normal 12-year old boy who was gifted with a supernatural watch that lets him see ghosts, or Yo-kai. Nate, in the game, moves to BBQ, a fictional location based on American stereotypes and Southern accents, and discovers new "Merican" yo-kai. Sometimes, though, you will play as the other character, Hailey Anne, a 12-year old girl who loves anime, the supernatural, and detectives. When she first finds the Yo-kai watch, she is instructed by a mysterious voice to buy it from Animechum, the store she finds it in. After buying the "UFO-kai Watch", she goes to a back alley, and summons Usapyon to fight off a Yo-kai.


In July 2016 the game was released in Japan in two versions, Sushi and Tempura. A third version, named Sukiyaki, was released on 2016 in Japan. The european and american versions were to be like the Sukiyaki version.[1]


Yo-kai Watch 3 received "generally favorable" reviews from critics according to Metacritic with a current Metascore of 80/100 based on 26 critic reviews.[2]


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