Yangus is a character in Dragon Quest VIII who accompanies the Hero on his missions. He serves as a powerful tank character over the course of the game. He refers to the Hero as "Guv". He is not especially bright, and is apparantly aware of this fact. Regardless, he does what he can to help the hero and his friends.


Originally a bandit from Pickham, Yangus tried to "go straight", as he himself put it, but because of his appearance people didn't give him much of a chance, which brought him back to a life of crime. However, one fateful day, he tried to make some money off of tolling a bridge, the same bridge which the Hero, King Trode and Medea were about to cross. Trode refused to pay - the bridge being within his kingdom - causing Yangus to attack the group, but his attack failed and he ended up collapsing the bridge while The Hero, Trode and Medea made it to the other side, leaving Yangus hanging on for his life.

Trode insisted the group leave Yangus. But The Hero decided to save Yangus, who thanked the Hero and in turn pledged his loyalty to him. It is during this scene that Yangus gives the Hero the nickname of Guv. When asked by Jessica early in the story, Yangus explains that it was The Hero who "helped him go straight".

When the group reaches the town of Pickham, Medea is stolen and sold to Red, a woman who lives on the outskirts of the region. It's revealed that Yangus and Red have history together. At the end of the game, after the final boss is defeated, Jessica informs the Hero that Yangus and Red have gone into business together.

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