Yang is a character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Street Fighter III: New Generation as a palette swap of his older twin brother, Yun, before being given a unique moveset in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact. He is an introverted inline skater from Hong Kong, skilled in the art of Chinese Kung Fu.


Yang is the less cocky of the two Lee brothers, with a cool, quiet, and self-carrying personality. However, he can also be condescending and a bit mouthy, and exhibits an eagerness to prove himself, though mainly to prove himself stronger than his brother as opposed to all fighters. His remix of their theme in Super Street Fighter IV is more calm and pleasant sounding in its beat, reflecting this.

Like Yun, he is a film enthusiast, and when he encounters Fei Long in Super Street Fighter IV, in his win quote he asks if he is "the real Fei Long" and then plan to tell Yun about meeting him. He also comments on Decapre looking like she came from "some crummy B movie".

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