Xuan Zang is a playable character from Dragalia Lost. She is a Qilin sealer who helps seal various relics.

Official Description

A Qilin sealer on a journey to seal dangerous ancient relics. Though generally kind, her anger can be fearsome—something her student Wu Kong knows better than most.

Official Description (Radian Xuan Zang)

A Qilin sealer who uses the power of the relic, Xihe, to manipulate light. Her kindness drove her to break the Sealer code and take an active role in the world at large. Her recent worry is her inability to let go of her pupil.

Official Profile

Posted by the Dragalia Lost Twitter account on April 28, 2022.[1]

  • Hobbies: Keeping records of her journey
  • Talents: Riding horses
  • Likes: Stimulating foods
  • Dislikes: Crowds