Xenosaga I & II (JP) is a role-playing video game for the Nintendo DS developed by Monolith Soft with assistance from Tom Create"トムクリエイト 開発履歴" and published by Namco. It is part of the larger Xeno series, which includes the Xenoblade sub-series.

Xenosaga I & II retells the events of the PlayStation 2 titles Xenosaga Episode I and Xenosaga Episode II while expanding on their narratives and characters.


Cutscenes, in-game environments, and character sprites are displayed on the DS console's top screen, with events outside still animated cutscenes taking place from a top-down perspective using 2D graphics. Additional information is displayed on the DS's bottom screen. Environments can be freely explored, with breakable chests holding items. Shops within levels can be used to purchase items and equipment with in-game currency. Special EVA structures within the environment can be used to recover HP and a type of skill point called ether points (EP). Characters are able to both roam around open environments and enter dungeons.


Early development of Xenosaga I & II began after the completion of Xenosaga: The Animation, an animated TV series based on the Xenosaga video games, in 2005."ゼノサーガ I・II / 原案・監修高橋氏・脚本竹田氏スペシャル対談!" It was Monolith Soft's first handheld title."Xenosaga, Baten Kaitos DS-Bound"


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