Xananab​ is a member of a species of aliens who resemble humanoid, partially peeled bananas and an ally of the Kong Family; Xananab originates from the banana shaped Planet Plantaen. The name Xananab possibly refers to both the character and the species.

In DK: Jungle Climber, Xananab, for unexplained reasons, ventures to the top of Sun Sun Island on Donkey Kong's planet in his Banana Spaceship with the precious cargo of five powerful Crystal Bananas. After landing on Sun Sun Island, Xananab was apparently attacked by King K. Rool and his Kremling Gang, who stole his Crystal Bananas and quickly fled with them.

When Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong and Cranky Kong arrived at the peak of Sun Sun Island to investigate the Banana Spaceship, they were attacked by Xananab and his Banana Spaceship. Once the Banana Spaceship is destroyed, Xananab, realizing that Donkey, Diddy and Cranky weren't Kremlings, apologized to them and explained his story to them. After hearing Xananab's predicament and learning that without his Banana Spaceship he would not be able to reclaim the Crystal Bananas, Donkey, Diddy and Cranky decide to help him.

Throughout DK: Jungle Climber, Xananab will appear in cutscenes, occasionally giving advice and in some levels, where he will activate a Spirowarp, a portal making machine, for Donkey Kong if one is brought to him. Once King K. Rool was defeated on Planet Plantaen and all the Crystal Bananas were given back to him, Xananab, as thanks for their help in defeating the Kremling Gang, gave Donkey, Diddy and Cranky a large amount of bananas. Once the trio finished eating and the Crystal Bananas were returned to their rightful place, Xananab brought DK, Diddy, Cranky and King K. Rool back to Earth.

For collecting every item and completing every level in the game, Xananab rewards the Kongs by using a Spirowarp to give them a banana as big as, if not bigger, than the Banana Spaceship.

Xananab also appears as a trophy and a sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl


Name Game Description
Xananab DS DK Jungle Climber A banana alien that shows up as Donkey Kong and company are enjoying a relaxing vacation on the beach. Traveling by spaceship from their banana planet, they mistake the Kongs for enemies and attack. As such, the Kongs retaliate by destroying their ship. To top it off, their superpowerful crystal banana is stolen by the Kremlings.


Artwork from Effect in the Subspace Emissary
DK: Jungle Climber Launch Resistance +20


  • His name is "BananaX" backwards, an allusion to an alien origin.
  • Xananab's name is "bananaX" written backwards.
  • Xananab has a habit of speaking in rhyme and occasionally affixing nonsensical words such as "fanana" to his sentences (the latter is a reference to the banana-oriented name game).