Artwork of Wrestler Kirby for Kirby Fighters 2

Wrestler Kirby is one of Kirby's copy abilities that was introduced in Kirby Fighters 2. Unlike other copy abilities, there is currently no enemies that can give it to Kirby since the only game it is featured in does not use the usual copy ability system. Instead, it is selected before a fight and will stay on until the end of said fight no matter what. While this copy ability is active, Kirby will wear a red and yellow wrestling mask.


Wrestler Kirby is one of the few copy abilities based on martial arts alongside fighter and suplex. Unlike those two, Wrestler Kirby focus on moves that would be at home during a wrestling match. This includes chops, lariats, drop kicks, headbutts, grabs, suplexes, tackles, planchas, etc. Some of those moves overlap with the two other martial arts copy abilities because their moves also work in a wrestling context.



  • Wrestler is the second copy ability to debut in a spin-off in the Kirby series, the first being Balloon.
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