Wrecking Crew (JP) is a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is an early game featuring Mario, released in 1985.

The game revolves around Mario's job as a demolition worker. The object of the game is to destroy various objects in the level. Level design is key, as it was designed to have things destroyed in a certain levels. Destructibles include ladders, columns, bombs and blocks. To make things more complicated, various enemies will trouble Mario as he progresses including fireballs, wrenches, the Eggplant Man and a foreman named Spike (Blackey in the Japanese release). Luigi appered as the second player character, dressed oddly in purple. The NES port was based on the arcade release named Wrecking Crew Vs. was released, in keeping with Nintendo's Vs. series of arcade games at the time.

The game supported a save system in Japan. It used a cassete player to save the data. As the peripheral was not released in the US, saving was not possible. However, the option was kept in the game, possibly in anticipation of future peripherals.

Wrecking Crew was released on the Virtual Console in Europe and Australia on August 24, 2007, and North America on November 19. The game features saving support for level designs, not possible on the NES original.





Wrecking Crew '98

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A sequel was released in 1998, apptly titled Wrecking Crew '98. It featured both the original cast, and the regular Mario characters, such as Peach. The game featured the original Wrecking Crew with recolouring done, as well as an update called Wrecking Crew '98. The later was quite different than the original. The object was to destroy blocks falling from the sky at a constant pace. The player must get lines of the same type of block in a row to destroy them. It is much more of a puzzle game.



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