Wrath is a combat skill in the Fire Emblem series, first appearing in Genealogy of the Holy War. The skill allows the character to perform critical hits more often when disadvantaged, usually in low health.


The skill usually activates when the user has below half health. In Genealogy, the skill will make the user always critical hit if their health is below 50%. In Thracia 776, they changed the effect to only be for counterattacks and not work along Vantage.

In Path of Radiance, it returns more like the original with a plain +50 increase to the critical rate at below 50% health. However, in Radiant Dawn, the skill is nerfed to only activate below 30%. Awakening reverted to the 50% health but only has a +20 to the critical rate.

Fire Emblem Heroes

In Fire Emblem Heroes, instead of critical hit rate, the skill reduces special cooldown by 1 and increases damage by 10 when a special activates. The skill is a B Passive skill

  • Wrath 1 - 60 SP - Activates at 25% or below HP
  • Wrath 2 - 120 SP - Activates at 50% or below HP
  • Wrath 3 - 240 SP - Activates at 75% or below HP


Items and Classes

In Thracia 776, the skill can be used when using Wrath M

In Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, the skill can be used with the item Wrath

In Awakening, the skill is learned by Berserkers at level 5.


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