Worms W.M.D is a multiplayer strategy game released on the Nintendo Switch in late 2017. Like other entries in the Worms series, the game pits 2 teams of worms against each other using a wide arsenal of devastating weapons. Team17 is releasing a retail version of the game in early 2018.


The game is a successor to Worms: Armageddon, returning to the classic 2D interface with elements such as classes, water physics and dynamic objects are removed. The match ends with all the opposing Worms defeated though it should be noted that Worms blow up when they lose all their health. The game has a crafting system with the parts either collected on the field from boxes or breaking down weapons. Both classic and new weapons were introduced.

The game added buildings which act as cover to block oncoming fire. The Worms can also enter vehicles like turrets and tanks.



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