Nsmb wii world 1

The World 1 map in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

World 1 in New Super Mario Bros. Wii features a grass terrain. Larry Koopa is the boss of this world.


  • World 1-1
  • World 1-2
  • World 1-3
  • World 1-Cannon
  • World 1-Fortress
  • World 1-4
  • World 1-5
  • World 1-6
  • World 1-Castle

Save Toad Challenge

The enemies you fight in the save Toad challenges are Goombas.

Other Features

The world also has a level that no other worlds have. This level is Princess Peach's Castle. There, you can pay Star Coins to Toad to unlock videos featuring tricks and secrets. It has 3 Toad Houses.

Introduced Enemies

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