Wolt ​is a playable character in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. He is the son of Rebecca, who is Roy's wet nurse and a sworn retainer of House Pherae. The identity of his father is left ambiguous, so it could be the archer Wil, the Pheraean cavalier Lowen, or the Caelin cavalier Sain. He is one of Roy's closest friends, being also his only milk-brother, and is quite dedicated to him.


Wolt is Roy's milk-brother, and having grown up together from childhood as well as being of the same age, he shares a close fraternal friendship with him. As an archer in service to Pherae, Wolt is characterized by his diligence and earnestness in wanting to protect Roy, but as a consequence, unintentionally creates some distance with Roy in order to fulfill his duties. The conflict between them can be cleared up in their supports, in which Wolt declares his trust and allegiance in Roy and assuages his feelings. Wolt treats Marcus with great respect for his station and age, and has friendly relations with Alen and Lance, both of whom he emulates in some way in order to grow stronger for Roy's sake. He can befriend the nomad Sue, as well as discover, together with her, the inherent differences of being either infantry or cavalry while armed with a bow.

In his role in the story, Wolt assists Roy in retaking Castle Pherae from the bandits that seized it at the beginning of the game, and then continues to help him throughout the duration of his campaign in the Lycia Alliance Army, eventually participating in the war against Bern, and ultimately following Roy back to Pherae to assist him in its reconstruction.

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