Wolfen Assault

The Wolfen as seen in Star Fox: Assault.

The Wolfen is a fictional space ship piloted by the Star Wolf team in the Star Fox series of video games. Like the Arwing (Fox McCloud's space ship), the Wolfen undergoes changes in each Star Fox game.


The first appearance of the Wolfen in a published game was in Lylat Wars (Star Fox 64) on the Fortuna (Later named Fichina in Assault and Command) stage; they would reappear on Bolse if any of them survived or the player took a route to Bolse that avoided Fortuna.

In Star Fox: Assault, the Wolfen has four 'Gravity Blades' instead of a G-diffuser, making it unable to have a complete stop like the Arwing, but it is faster

Wolfen II

The first and only appearance of the Wolfen II to date was in Star Fox 64 on Venom. They would only appear if the player went through Area 6. They had two G-Diffusers, compared to the Arwing's one, which made the ship faster.
Wolfen 2

Wolfen II.

The Wolfen II had twin lasers and was capable of deflecting bombs and charged lasers, and was regarded by the in-game characters as being a superior ship to an Arwing.

Wolfen in Star Fox: Assault

The Wolfen is used by Star Wolf in Star Fox Assault in several stages. The Wolfen can be unlocked in Star Fox Assault for use in multiplayer, and it deals more damage at each laser level and with a charged laser. It also flies faster than the Arwing but it cannot come to a complete stop in mid-air, and is less maneuverable. It can also have a wing walker ride shotgun on one of the upper wings, as seen in the Corneria City level of the game. However, in VS. Mode, the upper wings cannot be stood upon, and players would have to use one of the lower wings.

Wolfen in Star Fox Command

The Wolfen appears to be almost identical in appearance to its Star Fox Assault incarnation. Also, similar to the Star Fox Team, the team pilots radical alterations of the original Wolfen design, such as the Rainbow Delta and the Black Rose. However, Wolf O' Donnell keeps the original Wolfen design, which has been dubbed the 'Red Fang' in the instruction booklet.


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