The Wogpole is a creature found in the Pikmin series. It is a an amphibious animal that resembles, or could quite possibly be a tadpole, it is said to be a Yellow Wollywog in its earliest stage. They are almost always found swimming in swiftly in water, but on a few rare occasions can be found outside it flopping around uselessly. They are also usually in small groups.


The strategy to beating a Wogpole is incredibly simple as they have no attacks, and can be beaten simply by throwing Pikmin at them, although they can shake Pikmin off this should not be a problem as a small group of Pikmin can easily kill it before it has a chance. Since they live in water only attack the with Blue Pikmin. If they happen to be flopping around on the land then defeat them as you would any other land enemy except without fear of being attacked.


Reel notes

"This creature appears to be a newborn yellow wollywog in tadpole form."
Yellow wollywog + wogploe figure

This is a Yellow Wollywog and Wogpole Figures, in Japan

Olimar's Notes

"The wollywog spawns in early spring, laying its eggs on low-hanging tree branches and shrubs growing in or near lakes and ponds. Such unorthodox amphibious behavior is a defense mechanism, protecting the eggs from predation by blue Pikmin and water dumples. The wollywog's wild hopping near the shoreline in early spring is thought to be a method of driving predators away from the wogpole eggs."

Louie's Notes

"Wogpoles can be eaten raw, but they're much more flavorful when steamed or grilled. Also heavenly in risotto! Feel free to experiment with this lush ingredient."

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