​Wizzro is an antagonist in Hyrule Warriors. In the version 1.3.0 update, he is also a playable Warrior.

He is an evil wizard with powers of dark magic, which he controls with the ring that gives him essence. His powers allow him to manifest blasts of energy, as well as to shapeshift and disguise himself as other people. Wizzro enjoys causing mayhem and destruction in his battles, though he has a tendency of blindly turning to others in power.


Wizzro attacks with powerful black magic in battle. His powers allow him to manifest the energy into power blasts of dark magic, which include a variety of abilities such as creating and firing streams of fire balls, firing a laser beam blast, creating explosions of dark energy, and summoning serpent-like creatures with a single eye. He can also summon large Floormaster-like hands to grab and slam enemies with, or transform his own arm into one. He can also use his powers to emerge into shadow and reappear close to his enemies, or to retreat.

Wizzro's signature class of Weapon is his Ring, which is what grants him his dark powers. The Ring's three tiers are based on the Blue, the Red and the Green Rings of The Legend of Zelda and the Oracle ​series. The Weapon is of the Dark Element.

As an enemy Warrior, Wizzro also possesses the ability to shapeshift into other Warrior characters, and allows him to use their same abilities. His disguises are slightly discolored however, and appear more dull and grayish to be easily distinguished from the real characters.

When defeated in battle as an opponent, Wizzro may either drops his Robe as a silver Material, or his Ring as a gold Material.

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