Wizard of Legend is a roguelike game released by Contingent99 and Humble Bundle in May 2018. Funded through Kickstarter in 2016, players take control of a wizard as they traverse a procedurally-generated dungeon, using a wide variety of spells to defeat mobs, three major bosses, and a final boss to earn the title "Wizard of Legend". The game received generally favourable reviews.


Wizard of Legend is a top-down 2D roguelike game where the player controls a wizard as they attempt to complete a 10-floor procedurally-generated dungeon, the 'Chaos Trials', using a selection of various spells to defeat various enemies and bosses and become the titular "Wizard of Legend". Each button or key casts a spell, called 'arcana', in the form of a basic attack, an evade, a 'signature' (more powerful) arcana, and then a variety of alternate spells to defeat enemies, bosses and transversing the dungeon. New spells can be bought in the dungeon with collected money, or added permanently (to equip before entering the dungeon through 'Chaos Gems', a persistent currency. Passive upgrades, called Relics, are collected in the same way. The game is completed after defeating three major bosses (wizards representing fire, earth, water, or air), and a final boss.


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