Withering Blowhogs are enemies in Pikmin 2.


They have the shape of a balloon with parts of blades from fans. They are orange.

Nintendo Player's Guide Description

The Withering Blowhog can exhale with so much force that it blows the bloom off a Pikmin and turns it into a leaf-bearing sprout. After you battle one of the beasts, chances are your troops will be in need of nectar.


To defeat a Withering Blowhog, it'll blow away Pikmin, but it'll remove tall the petals, so one of the pilots must throw Purple Pikmin, but not the others, because it'll shake it off. When it gets mad, when on ground, it'll damage one of pilots and their Pikmin will be shook off. Olimar, Louie, and President Hotocate's Pikmin can't carry them and they won't be generated and they have 0 pokos.


  • Valley View:
  • Above Ground
  • Awakening Wood:
  • Bulblax Kingdom
  • Perplexing Pool:
  • Shower Room
  • Submerged Castle
  • Wistful Wild:
  • Above Ground
  • Cavern of Chaos
  • Hole of Heroes
  • Dream Den


Olimar's Notes

"The withering blowhog is a close relative of the puffy blowhog, but its breath is significantly weaker. However, its breath does contain a petal-withering plant hormone that causes flowers to instantly lose their petals. Although its breath has not been studied in detail, analysis of the chemical compounds involved hold great promise for the biotechnology sector."

Louie's Notes

"Hang this creature on a rack and sun-dry on a hot afternoon. When suitably crisp, grind the sun-dried beast into powder. Makes a great substitute for cayenne or curry powder!"

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