Witch Time (JP) is a major mechanic in Bayonetta, where an Umbra Witch slows down time while moving freely. It can be activated in different ways like; precise dodging against enemy attacks, and being activated by various accessories. Lumen Sages possess a similar ability called Light Speed, which also lets them slow down time.


Bat Within

Bat Within (JP) is a technique purchasable from The Gates of Hell. By dodging at the last second, Bayonetta activates Bat Within, transforming into a swarm of bats to escape, while healing the damage taken from the attack and slowing down time for an extended duration.

Super Smash Bros.

Witch Time.png

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Witch Time

Witch Time is Bayonetta's Down Special Move. Bayonetta performs a backflip while creating a purple energy field, and anyone that attacks her is slowed down for a time, until the clock surrounding the attacker fully rotates.

Witch Time won't slow an opponent if it was activated by a projectile by an opponent too far away, but Bayonetta will still dodge the attack and speak normally.


Bat Within

Bat Within activates when Bayonetta precisely dodges enemy attacks while also reducing the amount of damage taken. It is also possible to activate both Witch Time and Bat Within at the same time. 


  • Although Wario is normally immune to everything except eating explosives, this special move can affect Wario-Man. It even slows down Wario-Man's transformation process.
    • It is also capable of working against Beast Ganon. If activated during the part of the attack used to stun opponents to freeze them into place, when Beast Ganon charges forward he will simply pass through Bayonetta without damaging her.
  • The move also works on Master Core, though having some aesthetic differences. Master Core will not have a purple energy field around it and thus the clock hand will not be visible, making it difficult to tell exactly how long it will be slowed down for. Master Core is still slowed down though, and Bayonetta is able to attack it for as long as the effect lasts. This is especially effective on Master Edges since it makes that phase of the boss fight significantly easier if Witch Time is used correctly.
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