Winters (ウィンターズ) is a town from the SNES game EarthBound. It is separated from the first cities protagonists Ness and Paula Polestar visit first in Eagleland, and it's home to the third playable character Jeff Andonuts and his father, Dr. Andonuts. The name is a reference to the cold weather in the area.

Places of interest

North Winters

While bigger, the north part of Winters does not have many remarkable places. The Snow Wood Boarding School is located here and it is the only school the player can find in the game. Just oustide the place lies a shop, but by Jeff Andonuts won't be able to buy anything at first. However, a lady will offer Jeff a big pack of bubble-gum for $1 with a Bubble Monkey included. The road to Lake Tess is just snow and trees, and many dogs, crows and goats can be found. Just before the lake, many people calling themselves the Tessie Watching Club are waiting in tents for the legendary Tessie monster to appear.

South Winters

The big Lake Tess separates Winters. The only way to cross it is to have the Bubble Monkey summon Tessie and mount it. The road then leads to Brick Road's dungeon, and to a cave with separated paths. One path (only accessible to Ness) leads to the Rainy Circle, while the other one passes through Stonehenge, a spot surrounded with odd rock formations and habitated by Cave Boys (Giants in the japanese version). Later in the game, it is seen Stonehenge is really used as a base where Starman Deluxe has many kidnapped characters. After Stonehenge there is a short path that leads to Dr. Andonuts's lab.

Important residents

Winters is the home of some main characters from the game:

  • Jeff, who studies at the Snow Wood Boarding School, and suddenly receives a telepathic message from Paula.
  • Tony, Jeff's roommate from the school. Once Jeff leaves, he starts missing him a lot.
  • Maxwell Labs, a student who helps Jeff by giving him the Bad Key Machine, necessary to free Ness and Paula from Threed.
  • Bubble Monkey, a bubble gum-loving monkey who accompanies Jeff, but leaves to follow a female monkey in Winters. Later in the game, he can summon the monster Tessie to help the characters cross a lake.
  • Dr. Andonuts, Jeff's father, a scientist that lives alone in a laboratory far from Jeff's school. He had not seen his son for a long time.
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