Winged Pikmin in Smash Bros.

Olimar with 0 Pikmin, it's effective this way.

Winged Pikmin is Olimar's up B special or "recovery move" in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U. It replaced the Pikmin Chain that Olimar used in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. This was a needed change for Olimar because Pikmin Chain can be considered useless when playing against edge hoggers. 


Winged Pikmin in Smash Bros. with 3 Pikmin

Olimar trying to recover with 3 Pikmin

Two Winged Pikmin appear for a few seconds and carry Olimar a set distance that can be varied by the amount of Pikmin Olimar has behind him at the moment. If Olimar has Pikmin with him, the Winged Pikmin struggle and carry Olimar for a less time and less speed and that means Olimar can't recover well. But if Olimar has no Pikmin, the Winged Pikmin can carry Olimar very far and at a high speed. The downfall is that Olimar will need to sacrifice his Pikmin to use the move properly, which means he will have to use Pikmin Pluck over again. When Olimar uses this move opponents can attack Pikmin and kill them out of Olimar's arms. The winged Pikmin seem to get tired, if the move is used successively, the winged Pikmin will carry Olimar less distance every time. Unlike most recovery specials, Olimar can use an aerial move to break out of the winged Pikmin arms instead of going helplessly. However, after Olimar performs the aerial attack he'll go into a helpless state.


Winged Pikmin can carry items and captains over places that Pikmin can't go into. Places such as water (Blue Pikmin are the only type that can swim in Pikmin 3) and high up places account for this.


There are two alternate versions of the move in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U with Customizations turned on

  • The Flying Pikmin just rise up immediately higher than normal and then put the player in special fall. Works at the same distance regardless of how many Pikmin
  • Hardworking Flying Pikmin- The Flying Pikmin move upward slower and at a lower maximum height. Works at the same distance regardless of how many Pikmin.


Olimar Gameplay Trailer! -Super Smash Bros

Olimar Gameplay Trailer! -Super Smash Bros. 4- (HD)-3

  • This works opposite to Pikmin Chain which helps Olimar recover when he has more Pikmin.
  • This was done because Olimar can only have 3 Pikmin at once instead of 6
  • Purple Pikmin weigh them down more than other types like they would in Pikmin 3, and white pikmin, which way the least (according to Smash Bros. trophy discriptions, although in the Pikmin games yellow pikmin are lightest) will weigh down the winged pikmin less.

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