Wing Island is a video game for the Wii where you will control 5 planes at once as you drop bombs and shoot at your enemies. You control the game by using the Wii's remote to direct the planes, which all go in the same direction.


The stars of the game are five birds whom fly planes, with the main protagonist being Junior, according to the Konami website. Some have wondered why the birds, who can already fly, are flying planes, though it was probably made for comedy purposes


As stated in the above section, you'll control the whole game using the Wii's remote control. Different gestures will make the planes perform different moves or attacks. To make your plane turn left or right, you'll have to horizontally move the Wii remote in the corresponding direction. To make your planes go up or down, do so with the Wii remote. Finally, to do a barrel roll you'll have to flick the Wii's remote a total of two times.

According to many, the missions quickly get stale, as do the environments. Some missions only allow you to fly one plane, while others only allow you to fly with five.


Sadly, the game has received a bad repetition from mostly all critics, including but not limited to IGN (5/10), GameSpy (2/5), 1UP (3/10), and many others. The average score on is 4.5/10 for critics, and a 5.0/10 from gamers.


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