The Wing Cap on the ground in Bob-omb Battlefield.

The Wing Cap is an item that has appeared two Mario games: Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64 and the remake Super Mario 64 DS for the Nintendo DS. This cap grants Mario the ability to fly after doing a triple jump. The Wing Cap can be found by hitting solid red "!" blocks. ("?" blocks in the DS version). If Mario is shot out of a cannon while wearing the Wing Cap, he can stay in the air for a longer period of time. If Mario is missing his cap while hitting the "?" block, a Bob-omb will come out instead. This will happen with Wario and Luigi too. In both the games, the Cap can be found at Tower of the Wing Cap/? Switch.

The Wing Cap on Mario in Super Mario 64

In Super Mario 64 DS, only Mario can get this, while Luigi turns invisible, Wario turns into Metal Wario and Yoshi can breath fire. Some blocks are fake, even if Mario has it's hat, like in Super Mario 64 a bomb will come out. However in VS. Mode, Yoshi, Wario and Luigi can get the wing cap. Yoshi gets wings out of his back, like his final smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii, while Wario and Luigi wear a hat like what Mario does.

How to get it?

In both games, there is a photo of a sun on the ceiling. If the player's character is looking at the light after the player has at least ten Stars (fourteen in the remake), then Wing Mario will appear on the screen. Just head down then ground-pound the big Red "?" Switch. Then you will receive a message simply stating that the invisible blocks, became solid. There is also a Star for getting the 8 Red Coins in the place where Mario gets the Cap. Hit any of the red solid blocks, and a Wing Cap should come out. In Super Mario 64 DS, you need to only be Mario to look into the sun. Yoshi, Wario, and Luigi will just fall, because they can't use the Wing Cap in story mode. However, if the player falls off, they'll be returned to the castle lobby without losing a life.


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