Windmillville is one of the boards in Mario Party 7. This board is based on the Netherlands. Players earn Stars by buying out the Windmills from their opponents through investing Coins in them


The board has several alternating paths with the tulips that open and close as each player passes them. There are also points where players can ride petals to one of seven random spots for 10 Coins.

There are seven windmills in all. 4 red 1 Star Windmills, 2 green 2 Star Windmills at the end and 1 Yellow 3 Star windmill in the center of the map.

As a special stipulation, the board doesn't allow stars to be bet in Duels, Bowser to take stars from Bowser space or Donkey Kong to give stars from his minigames.

Green Space

There are two Green spaces. The one not far from the start starts a sheep herding minigame where the player gets 10 second to herd as many sheep as possible for Coins. The one on the top is a set of leaves that work like trampolines. There is 20 Coins for the player to collect. Collecting all 20 has the Sheppard give you 50 Coins instead.

Bowser Time

Bowser time can do one of the following 3 events:

  • Bowser destroys a windmill and all Coins built in the windmill are lost. A new one is built in its place free for anyone to take
  • Bowser sends a Koopa Kid to steal from a windmill. This could change who is the owner. Humorously, a Koopa Shepherdess sometimes walks by, causing him to briefly disguise himself behind a bush. There is a small chance however, that Koopa Kid will not steal any Coins.
  • Bowser can take souvenir photograph of all the players, making them pay 10 or 20 Coins each for it (and then leave without giving anyone the photo).

Instruction Booklet

Take in the bucolic scenery of a windswept coastal town as you play this board. There are seven windmills that hold Stars. If you place Coins into a windmill, you can become the owner and take possession of the stars within.


  • Party Cruise Rules - The player with the most Stars at the end wins. If you own the biggest windmills, you'll get lots of Stars.
  • Solo Cruise Rules - Deposit Coins into the broken windmills to repair them. The first player to repair three windmills wins.

(Taken from the Mario Party 7 instruction booklet.)


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