Windfall Island

Overlook of the island.

Windfall Island is a location in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and is oftentimes considered the hub for the game, taking the place of Hyrule Castle Town in previous Zelda titles as the most heavily populated area. While not extremely large, it does contain quite a few points of interest and the player will be required to visit this place many times throughout the game (and even more times if they wish to partake in the game's various sidequests, many of which take place here). The symbolic structure of Windfall Island is unarguably the large windmill.

Points of Interest


The Town Jail Is located on the East side of the island. If you visit the jail during your first visit to the island (after your failed attempt at invading the Forsaken Fortress), then you will find Tingle locked in the cell. If Link breaks him out by pressing the switch in the corner, then Tingle gives him the Tingle Tuner and Tingle's Chart.

Bomb Shop

The Bomb Shop is owned by a small and grumpy man that sells bombs for a ridiculous price that Link could never afford. After the destruction at Greatfish Isle, the pirates invade the bomb shop and bag the owner because of his prices. They then steal all the bombs. If you come back later, the bombs are priced reasonably, and the owner is a lot nicer when it comes to talking to customers.

There is a secret entrance to the shop behind the building, if you climb up the vines and sidle across the ledge. You need to take this secret entrance to see the pirates steal the bombs and figure out where to go next.

Auction House

The Auction House is a very large two story house that is owned in the beginning of the game by Mila's Father, but is later owned by Maggie's Father. There are nice and expensive vases in in the bottom floor that cost 10 rupees each if broken. There is an auction that goes on at night, where you can win treasure maps and pieces of heart.

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