Wily Machine

Wily Machines are machines that Dr. Wily created in the Mega Man series. * Note these are non-official names*

Wily Machine No. 1

In Mega Man 1, it could be too difficult to beat the Wily Machine without its weaknesses on its two forms. First, Fire Storm is the best weapon at the red gun.

On its second form, Mega Man should use Rolling Cutter. The shots will fire at Mega Man, so it could be best for Mega Man to avoid them.

Wily Machine No. 2

Dr. Wily remodeled his old machine and created it in Mega Man 2 and appears to be different.

It could be too difficult to beat this Wily Machine without its weakness, unlike Flash Man and Heat Man.

On its first form, using Atomic Fire on Wood Man will make Mega Man run out of his weapon, but he can use Metal Blade against it. In Normal Mode, it will be easier to beat this boss. In Hard Mode, it could be too difficult to beat it as the shots cause a great deal of damage.

On its second form, Wily is now immune to fire. If Mega Man used Crash Bomber on Boobeam Trap, Mega Man can use Metal Blade, but the shots are difficult to avoid. Also, if Mega Man uses Crash Bomber on Quick Man or Flash Man, Mega Man will have trouble beating it. If Mega Man loses all of his lives, his Crash Bombers are reloaded.

Wily Machine No. 3

This Wily Machine in Mega Man 3 appears to walk and is the first machine to walk.

It will be difficult to defeat it without the Hard Knuckle when it's used on Top Man.

On its first form, Mega Man should use Hard Knuckle to damage the gun under it.

On its second form, the Shadow Blade should be used against the boss when under it. Defeating it will make him run out of Shadow Blades against Gamma.

Wily Machine No. 4

This Wily Machine in Mega Man 4 appears to have larger shots and is very hard to beat and it's the first Wily Machine to have a skull.

The shots from the machine is very difficult to avoid and it will be difficult to beat the boss without its weaknesses, aside from Bright Man and Dive Man.

During the first form, Mega Man should use Ring Boomerang to destroy it. Mega Man should avoid the shots.

During its second form, There is a small button on the machine. It's best to use Drill Bomb, but if it doesn't hit it, he could use his Mega Buster when fully charged.

Wily Machine No. 5

This Wily Machine in Mega Man 5 is similar to Guts-Dozer and is the first machine to vaccum up someone.

It could be difficult to beat this machine without its weakness, aside from Crystal Man and Charge Man.

Mega Man should shoot it with his Mega Buster and avoid the shots if he doesn't have the Super Arrow. Later, it will suck up Mega Man, just like fighting Dust Man.

Wily Machine No. 6

The first Wily Machine to hop, it's the first one in Mega Man 6 . The Shadow Devil from Mega Man X Collection takes the form as one of the boss' attacks.

Like with Knight Man, Centaur Man, Blizzard Man and Yamato Man, the battle will be difficult without its weakness.

The Wily Machine isn't hard at all. So, Mega Man must slide to avoid its landing and shoot it on its first form.

On its second form, Mega Man should slide where it will land. Using Mega Buster is the best weapon.

Wily Machine No. 7

The Wily Machine appears to look like a walking skull from Mega Man 7.

It will be difficult to beat this machine without its weakness. It will hop around the room and it's not very hard to beat it. When it lands facing left or right, it will sometimes summon mini versions of it. Mega Man can shoot Wily to damage it.

Wily Machine No. 8

After beating the Boss Rush in Mega Man Anniversary Collection, Mega Man must walk to the switch and will fight the machine.

It will be too difficult to beat this boss without its weakness. The cannon will turn into a grinder and will hop around the room. Mega Man must slide under it. It could be damaged when he hits the gun or Wily. The gun will shoot bombs, similar to the Thunder Bolt from Mega Man 7. The cannon will shoot normal shots. The machine then repeats the pattern again.

In Mega Man & Bass, it will rush forward and fire Big Lasers.

Mega Man should use Remote Mine at it as he shouldn't use it at Ground Man.

Bass shouldn't use the Remote Mine at Ground Man as he will need to save it for the boss.

Wily Machine No. 9

This machine appears to look like a dinosaur in Mega Man 9.

Just like the unnamed boss, Spike Shooters, Mega Man cannot damage the machine with his weapons or his Mega Buster. It will fire a ball and the machine will fly and sometimes Mega Man cannot avoid the ball. The machine on its first form will then repeat the pattern again.

On its second form, Wily will appear and the form isn't hard to beat. So, Mega Man must determine where it will land and it will shoot fire, just like a Hot Dog does in Wood Man's stage. Using Concrete Shot is the best. The boss will then repeat all over again.

Wily Machine No. 10

This machine resembles a pirate ship, except, it has its skull with a pirate hat in Mega Man 10.

On its second form, the machine will fire big missiles that never do damage at Mega Man. The small Missiles, just like the battle with Dive Man in Mega Man 4 will also be annoying in the battle. So, Mega Man must shoot the skull (its eyes that the hat is on it) to do damage. It will repeat the pattern again and again.

On its second form, it will fire a shot where Mega Man is standing. Mega Man must use Rush Coil to let him reach it. He should be careful as it will fire a net. He must destroy the net. It then repeats the pattern again.

Wily Machine World No. 1

This machine will have the form of an eagle head and will shoot many Cutters and will repeat the pattern again. It's best to use Atomic Fire at it on its first form.

On its second form, it willl have a claw to attack Mega Man. To damage it, Mega Man must use Enker's Mirror Buster and has the pattern like Spring Man. It will repeat the pattern again.

Wily Machine World No. 2

The Wily Machine appears to resemble an Ostro from the Mario series.

On its first form, it will throw bombs, similar to the Count Bombs. Later, it will fire claws that Mega Man must avoid. It will jump so Mega Man should try to determine where it will land. It will repeat the pattern again.

Later, after Wily flies into his capsule and goes into a machine. It will shoot blasts and bombs at Mega Man and can only be damaged when shooting the skull. Wily will fly and go into another machine. On its third form, it will shoot small bullets similar to Bullet Bills, use its tail to fire obstacles similar to Goombas and move its skull. Mega Man can use the Sakugarne from Quint to beat it quickly, but Mega Man must be warned that he's damaged when on it. It will repeat the pattern again

Wily Machine (Mega Man III)

On the first form, this Wily Machine will hop around the room, like the Metall Daddy in the first Wily Caslte of Mega Man 4. A charged shot can damage its eyes and Mega Man must dodge the missiles and it repeats the pattern again.

On its second form, it will shoot balls and Mega Man must use Screw Crusher from Punk to hit Wily. It will repeat again.

Wily Robo Iron Golem

This machine is increased like the one in the first Gameboy Mega Man game.

When battling its body, Mega Man must use Power Stone to damage it and avoid the hands, similar battling to Gamma. It's best to use Crystal Eye against it.

When battling its head, Mega Man must shoot its throat when it's sucking him just like battling Leviathan from the arcade game, The Ocean Hunter. It will try to shock him and will begin to crush him and must hold it back. It then repeats again.

Brain Crusher

Mega Man should try to determine where the first will land and shoot the eyes, like fighting the Wily Machine in Mega Man III. Mega Man must destroy the two fists to fight the rest of the machine.

On the body, it will summon a gravity holding enemy called Pikashu (not Pikachu, the electric rat from the Pokemon series). It will bring Mega Man up to kill him with the spikes. It will then summon an Alabell Bomb as it should explode on it. It will also fire missiles and it repeats again.

When battling Wily on his capsule, Mega Man must use Spark Chaser and avoid the shockwaves and jump slowly as there are spikes. It then repeats again.

Wily Machine (Mega Man: The Power Battle)

The battle with Dr. Wily in Mega Man Anniversary Collection will be found after defeating the Yellow Devil or VAN Pookin in the three episodes. The machine will begin to use its hands to attack Mega Man and will be difficult to beat. It will then jump. Then, Mega Man should slide under it to avoid its landing. Destroying the bottom part will make Mega Man fight its torso. It will shock Mega Man and will throw grinders. Destroying the torso will make him fight the bottom part. It will shoot spiked rings and Mega Man must slide under it and the bottom attacks with a missile barrage. Destroying the machine will make Mega Man fight destroy his capsule.

Wily Machine (Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters)

The battle willl be difficult when Mega Man doesn't have its weakness. A random enemy will appear as one of the enemies will appear during the battle. It will later then fire shots at Mega Man and must damage Wily and will turn into a Wily Capsule.

Other media

In Mega Man: Upon a Star, Dr. Wily uses the first machine and calls it "Skull Car" in the English version.

The non-game Wily Machine, Air Raider only appeared in the first episode in Ruby-Spears' Mega Man. You can also get an action figure of it.

The second Wily Machine in Captain N was the only Wily Machine to appear in the Captain N series.

The other non-game Wily Machine, Samurai Man was a giant samurai robot that is actually a Wily Machine. It only appeared in one episode in Mega Man: Upon a Star.

Wily Machines appeared in several comics and mangas.

The fourth Wily Machine that Dr. Wily uses is Skullker from Ruby-Spears' Mega Man. It was used in several episodes.


Even though the Skullker was the only Wily Machine to not have its own action figure from Ruby Spears' Mega Man.

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