Will ​is a CO in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin from Rubinelle, and a member of Brenner's Wolves.


Will is the main character in Days of Ruin. He starts off as a cadet in a Rubinelle military academy and was the only survivor when the meteors fell. He was found at the same time by The Beast's bandits and Brenner’s Wolves. Brenner drove The Beast's forces away and rescued Ed. He was also introduced to Lin.

On a mission with Brenner, he investigated some ruins and found an amnesiac girl. The girl couldn't remember her name but knew many facts about the militaries of Rubinelle and Sapphirus. Will named her Isabella after the synthetic cattleya isabella flower that Lin had given her.

Will, along with the rest of the Wolves, soon found themselves moving on from mere skirmishes with Drakov's bandits to an outright war with Zephyria alongside the New Rubinelle Army. However, Brenner sided with the Zephyrians after Greyfield executed Zephyrian prisoners-of-war, including their leader Forsythe.

After Brenner gave his life to assist the legion in escaping, Will entered a slump but was given hope by Isabella. Lin then appointed him as the head of the Legion, believing that the civilians traveling with the Legion would react better to someone like Will than a harderned military leader like herself. During his leadership, Will and the Wolves faced not only Greyfield's New Rubinelle Army but also forces from Intelligent Research Systems.

Will stepped down as the Legion's leader temporarily when Caulder captured Isabella and snuck on board the Great Owl with the help of Cyrus. Here he met up with Lin and Brenner’s Wolves again, who fought off units controlled by Penny. Though all the people on board the Great Owl appeared to be killed when it crashed, they all escaped and helped Tasha and Gage in their battle against Tabitha. Will assumed control of the Wolves one last time in their assault on Caulder's base of operations, The Owl's Nest.

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