Wild Woods is a forest-based course introduced in Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in the third set of downloadable content. It is the third course in the Crossing Cup.

Track Features

The track first starts the player along the trunk of a tree. As they drive up, it progresses into a glider section into a forest village of Shy Guys. Going through this village leads to a waterway. The end of this waterway is a pond with giant lilypads. These lilypads have boost pads which racers can perform tricks off. After the racers cross the pond, they go back up the tree.


  • It is the only course that starts in the antigravity mode but not to be in anti-gravity for the whole race.
  • Like on Wii Wario's Gold Mine and Shy Guy Falls, the Shy Guys on the glider segment chant as the racers pass by.
  • This is the only new track in Mario Kart 8 in which its icon has the feature on the left side of the icon.


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