Wild Gunman is a NES video game released in 1984 by Nintendo. It is the successor to the arcade game of the same name. The Nintendo Entertainment System version of the game made use of the NES Zapper that came packaged with the console and was primarily used in the NES smash hit Duck Hunt.


Game A - 1 Outlaw

In game A, the player has a showdown with one of five different outlaws. The outlaw walks to the middle of the screen and turns towards the player. After a moment, he'll yell "Fire!!", and at that moment the player will have to shoot. If done successfully, the gunman will yell "You won!!". Upon defeating the gunman, you'll be rewarded cash for your good deed. The quicker you shoot him, the more points you'll get. After you win, another gunman will come on the screen, and the act above will be repeated. The game ends when the player loses all three lifes.

Game B - 2 Outlaws

Game B is similar to Game A, except the showdown will involve two outlaws instead of one. They'll both yell "Fire!!", and the player will have to aim and shoot at both of them very quickly. In later rounds, they sometimes yell at different times, and the player has to be sure to only shoot the correct outlaw. If successful, then you'll be rewarded as you were before.

Game C - Gang

Game C is different from the previous two games. The player stands in front of a saloon with five openings where outlaws will pop out. You have 15 bullets to defeat 10 outlaws. After every 10 kills, your ammunition is replenished.


Note: None of the characters in the game have official names.

Outlaw1.png Good Guy A cowboy wearing black. His hat flies off upon being shot.
Outlaw2.png Good Guy A cowboy with a brown vest. He falls over backwards upon being shot.
Outlaw3.png Thief A man with a white sombrero. He falls over backwards upon being shot.
Outlaw4.png Good Guy A tall, thin cowboy. His pants fall down upon being shot.
Outlaw5.png Good Guy A typical cowboy. He falls over backwards upon being shot.


These characters appear in Duck Hunt's moveset as his down special as well as his final smash. See Wild Gunman (attack) and NES Zapper Posse for more details


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