Wil is a playable character in the Game Boy Advance video game Fire Emblem. He's an archer who originated from the fictional Fire Emblem village known as Pherae.


Before joining your army, Wil and his best friend Dan ran away from their village and deeply hoped to get enough money to raise their families. Within a few months, Dan left Wil and returned home. Afraid to go with him, Wil cowardly went on with his journey until one day all of his earned cash was stolen.

During chapter 3 of the game, the archer will join Lyn's group, and will ultimately decide to stay for the entire war. If you manage to keep the character alive through the whole game, then he'll join the Caelin army.

If you're capable of getting specific support conversations with Rebecca, another character in the game, then at the end of the story the two will get married.

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