Wii U System Transfer

The Wii U can transfer data from the source console to a nearby target console. Please do not confuse this with a Wii/Wii U Transfer.


  • The source console
  • A target Wii U console
  • An SD Card with at least 611 MB of free space (Amount may vary depending on amount of content)
  • An internet connection
  • Consoles must be in the same region
  • A Nintendo Network ID (preferably for both consoles)


  1. Go to Wii U System Settings.
  2. Go to System Transfer
  3. Click on Transfer between Wii U Consoles
  4. If necessary, enter Parental Controls.
  5. Wait for the console to connect to the internet and retrieve system transfer data.
  6. Select Prepare for Transfer after you read the transfer information.
  7. Read the requirements for transfer.
  8. Follow the Gamepad instructions and align the Source and Target consoles Gamepad in the indicated manner. The source console will connect to the target Gamepad.
  9. Confirm the code on both screens and press continue.
  10. Read the data comparison found on both Gamepads.
  11. Enter the Nintendo Network ID Password.
  12. Insert the SD Card into the source console and press Next.
  13. Check all the items you want to be transferred and press Next.
  14. Select Moving Data to SD Card.
  15. Read the final warning before SD Card transit.
  16. Please wait for the Wii U to prepare data and load all Wii U and Wii Menu data to transfer to the SD Card.
  17. Please wait for the Wii Menu Data to load to the SD Card.
  18. Wait for the console to restart.
  19. The console will connect to the target console and play the SD Card transfer cutscene. Regular Wii U data will now be transferred.
  20. Proceed further using the Target console.
  21. Select Moving Data to Target Console.
  22. Select OK.
  23. Restart the console when the target console turns off.
  24. Insert the SD Card from the source console and insert it into the target console.
  25. Watch the final transfer cutscene.
  26. Please wait for the Wii Menu Data to load from the SD Card.
  27. Wait for the console to restart after Wii Menu data has been moved.
  28. Check back on the Source console Gamepad. Continue with the system format to complete the process on the source console.


  • All content and settings will be erased from the target console before the transfer.
  • All content and settings will be erased from the source console after the data has been transferred.
    • This means that any content and settings not selected to transfer will be deleted.

Other Notes

  • The target console and source console will restart multiple times, sometimes requiring someone to turn it back on.
  • You cannot perform a system transfer until at least 7 days have passed.
  • Unlike the Wii/Wii U transfer, you can select individual categories of data to transfer (E.g you want to transfer Parental Controls and Wii Menu Data, but not Wii U data and system settings.)
  • All game save data on the target console will be replaced/overwritten with the source console's save data.
  1. Wait for the target console to finish checking, verifying, and transferring data.
  2. Wait for the console to restart.
  3. The process is complete. You can check download status in the Download Management tool in the Wii U Menu.