Wii System Transfer/Wii U System Transfer is a tool to transfer Wii Data to Wii U.


  1. Download the Wii U/Wii System Transfer tool from the Wii Menu's Wii Shop Channel. It's free.
  2. Load the Wii System Transfer on the Wii U.
  3. Follow the instructions to prepare for the transfer.
  4. Once the loading process is complete, follow the instructions and switch to the Wii console and load the transfer tool.
  5. Insert the SD Card and wait for further instructions on the Wii.
  6. After the cutscene, switch back to the Wii U and load the SD Card.
  7. Wait until the final cutscene is completed and follow the instructions.
  8. The transfer is now complete. Enjoy your new software!

Data that will be transferred

  • Any Wii software save data
  • Any Mii's currently stored in the Mii Channel (Any existing Mii's on the Wii U Mii Channel will be overwritten)
  • Some Wii software channels that are compatible with the Wii U (such as the Wii Fit/Wii Fit Plus channel)
  • All Wii Points on the Wii Shop Channel account
  • All funds in the Wii Shop Channel account.
  • Any software that is bought on the Wii Shop Channel but is not on the Wii System Memory can be redownloaded from the Wii U's Wii Shop Channel at no cost. The save data will be preserved.
  • Wii Shop Channel purchase history


  • Any data currently on the SD Card to perform the transfer will be lost. Please save it in another SD Card or an external drive.
  • The system transfer cannot be undone (as most of the Wii/Wii U software is incompatible)
  • Software and save data in the Wii System Memory will be transferred and deleted.
  • If there is any software you want transferred and is on the SD Card, please use the data management tool to move it to the Wii System Memory.
  • Any Wii software data will be overwritten with the Wii Console's data.
  • If any Wii Points that are about to be transferred exceed the point limit, the transfer cannot be performed.
  • Some software features may be limited (Such as backward compatibility with GameCube controllers, etc)

Other Notes

  • Any Wii Points transferred will be added to the Wii U's Wii Shop Channel balance.
  • To transfer software on an SD Card after the transfer you will have to start the corresponding software beforehand.
  • Any unauthorized content or technical modifications to your console may result in content not being transferred directly.
  • If you want to save Mii Parade characters, please move them to the Mii Channel or Mii Plaza.
  • The Auto Power Down on the Wii U will be disabled for the transfer.
  • If you lose internet connection during the transfer cutscene you may restart the transfer at the % in which you stopped.


  • A Wii Console and Wii U Console that are both connected to the same region and internet
  • A Wii Remote or Wii Remote Plus that can be synced with both consoles
  • An SD Card with at least 512 MB of free space
  • An Internet connection (to retrieve Wii Shop Data/other data)



Data that can’t be transferred

  • GameCube Game Disk Save Data
  • Internet Channel, Photo Channel, and a few others
  • Mii Parade Data and Mii Characters in the Mii Parade
  • Any software which requires WiiConnect24
  • Wii System Settings (Performed in the Wii U System Settings)
  • Preinstalled WiiWare software and Virtual Console Titles
  • Any software/save data which is not permitted for the transfer
  • Software that is present on both consoles (Wii U software/save data will be overwritten with the Wii Console's data)