Wii Sports Club is an HD remake of the original Wii Sports for Wii U with online multiplayer. The online feature is developed by Bandai Namco Games and Off Screens from E3 2012.


The gameplay is pretty similar to Wii Sports for most of the games. The main new addition was the introduction of online play. It is done in a community similar to the Mario Kart 7 fashion. There is also a number of clubs for regions or province where you can play against those in those regions. Some sports implement the GamePad functionality.


The game was first issued on the Wii U eShop with Tennis and Bowling on October 30 for Japan and November 7 for the rest of the world. The sports can be purchased for $9.99 for permanent use or $2.99 for a day pass for all the sports. Each addition allowed the Wii U owner a free 24 hours with the launched sport.

Golf was distributed on December 18 worldwide featuring the 9 original holes from Wii Sports. Later in April 2014, the courses from Wii Sports Resort were added alongside a free weekend.

Boxing and Baseball were released on June 26 worldwide.

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