The Wii Remote Jacket is an accessory designed for the Wii Remote, and came packaged with every Wii console. It is a plastic, translucent casing moulded in the shape of the remote for it to be slotted inside, and provides an extra layer of protection from physical collisions. 

The jacket had been designed to fit tightly and also features texturing on it to ensure a firm grip from the user's hand and to prevent the remote from slipping out. The front surface of the jacket has exposed zones for the obvious purpose of allowing the buttons on the remote to be used along with a hole at the bottom for the Nunchuk cord and the infrared sensor on top, although the power button was left covered. 


  • There was also a longer shape of the jacket available for the Wii Remotes combined with the MotionPlus components. 
  • The jacket's model number is RVL-022. 
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